This Wiki is meant to be a roster book for the Academy of Super-Heroes fictional setting. Places, organizations and concepts can be found on the Resources page of the main ASH website (although there will be a few places and organizations listed here if I don't have a file for them already).

Author List for the ASH Universe.
Status Page doubles as a title list.
Danglers for those looking for a series to write or a story to write within their series.

If you wish to help entering data, create an account and then email me (if you're someone I'd trust to do this, you already know my email) and I'll add you as a member.

Please use the standard Format for now. I'll worry about making things pretty or more in-depth later. If you add material, edit the Status page to indicate which issues of what titles have been covered. You may also want to visit the Tags Explained page.

Note, this Wiki is intended for characters who have appeared in the Fourth Heroic Age in some fashion, or had an influence on it. While there will be exceptions here and there, most characters from previous ages already have entries in the First Age Sourcebook, Second Age Sourcebook or Third Age Rosterbook.

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