Full Name: Advanced Difference-Engine Autosophont version 7
Codenames: ADA-7, Blackcel, Adele Munderson, Toni Miller, Charlotte Engel
Known Relatives: Charles Babbage (creator), ADA and ADA-6 (previous versions)
Group Affiliations: Community of Artificial Consciousnesses, LNH 2020s, RACCSpace Animation
First Appearance: LNH 2027 #1
Powers: A very compact artificial consciousness, she can inhabit handheld devices, although has grown a little too big to fit fully inside the cheaper "whitecel" phones. She's adept at multitasking, letting her spawn several copies of herself to operate independently, and then merge memories later. She can use her compact code to slip into gaps in other programs.
Notes: As Blackcel she has vaguely defined powers related to "The Lurk", one of the fundamental energies of the LNH. These abilities are similar to what she can accomplish without the aid of Nate Walker's powers, and likely simply represent an amplification of her native talents. She does not care for poetry.

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