Full Name: Unrevealed
Codename: Akuryu
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Mongol Fleet
First Appearance: ASH #79
Powers: A powerful shadow-aspected mage, capable of transporting an entire Mongol fleet through space. Served by demonically-transformed Mongol warriors. Can transform into a shadowy giant serpent-dragon form.
Notes: His desperation spell saved much of the Mongol fleet from the "divine wind" that battered it after the second battle of Hakata Bay. However, this trapped them in a hellish netherworld, giving the mage greater power but turning him irrevocably evil. The fleet emerged through a rift generated in the wake of the Impossible Five's arrival in 2026. He was opposed by the Atavarangers. After his defeat by them, he was "rescued" by the Pentarangers and taken to Chiaroscuro, who drained much of his power (in ASH #96). Lady Sable later restored at least some of his power and granted the ability to change into the form of a shadow dragon.

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