Full Name: Unrevealed (referred to once as "Ann", but this may be a nickname based on her codename, not her real name)
Codename: Anhydra
Known Relatives: Burnout (mother, Tyra Dumont/Cockatrice fusion version)
Group Affiliation: CSV 2052, Impossible Five
First Appearance: CSV #27 (unnamed), ASH #78 (named)
Powers: Able to draw the moisture out of any target that her dusty tendrils touch. Minor generalist mage.
Notes: Immune to her mother's gaze, although it's unclear whether this is a natural result of her powers/heritage or if the entire Impossible Five has taken mystic precautions. She likes to put on an extra-creepy act to go along with her dessicated appearance. She has not been born yet in 2026, and may never be.

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