Ares Unit

Full Name: Variable, usually something like "Ares Unit 342"
Codename: None
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Planetary Confederation military…usually.
First Appearance: ASH #67 (full mention), ASH #87 (on-screen)
Powers: A cyborg of the "brain in a mechanical body" variety, equipped with enough gear to reduce a planetary surface to ashes and ruin. Even a decommissioned version with most of the weaponry removed is a significant force (see Supernaut).
Notes: Ares Units are rare, not just because they're hideously expensive. Being reduced to nothing but a brain is a punishment worse than death for most members of the Planetary Confederation, but at the same time you don't put that kind of firepower under the control of a mind that isn't 100% loyal. Brain modification can only go so far. So to create an Ares Unit requires that an otherwise loyal Santari (or, rarely, a member of another race) be convicted of a hideous crime. Ares Units were mentioned once or twice in passing prior to ASH #67, but that was the first time they got any real description.

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