Arturo Liebre

Full Name: Arturo Jaime Ernesto Jimenez y Liebre (assumed name)
Codename: None
Known Relatives: None (refers to Niu Jijiang and Western Dragon as brother and sister, but the are not related)
Group Affiliation: The Jade Court, SEATO
First Appearance: ASH #56
Powers: A Taoist rabbit spirit, able to work magic and transform between human and hare forms.
Notes: Prime Minister of SEATO. His nature as a rabbit spirit is not known to more than a handful of people, all of whom have agreed to keep it secret. Taoist spirits exist at the high end of "partbloods" in the power spectrum, but are created entities rather than being humans with the magene. Their supernatural powers can be Anchored, but they did not vanish in 1998. "Liebre" means "hare" in Spanish.

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