ASH Orbiter

Full Name: ASH Orbiter
Codename: None
Known Operators: Tom Dodson (aka Lightfoot)
Group Affiliation: ASH
First Appearance: ASH #4
Technical Specifications: A "flying saucer" style vehicle using a nanotech cold fusion powersource, it was briefly used by the Third Age version of the Academy of Super-Heroes for transportation, and was capable of orbital flight. Does not seem to run out of power, but total output is presumably limited in some way. Can attain orbit without additional assistance, and is sealed against hostile environments.
Notes: It can be piloted by anyone with a Magene, but is normally only capable of operations in low Earth orbit. Lightfoot took it out of the Solar System in 1994, carrying an atmospheric detonation device, and due to time dilation returned in 2023. The vehicle has since been refitted and is used by Lightfoot to shuttle small groups back and forth between Earth and Venus.

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