The elite bushikamen sentai team of the Otakuza. Where most of the sentai teams are little more than colorful teams of themed fighters with some minor paranormal talents and technical support, the Atavarangers ("atavistic" rangers) get all the toys. Transforming uniforms, powerups, special vehicles, Battlizer armors, even the powerful Totem Beam that lets them combine their lifeforce into a devastating energy blast. They are led by a nameless "Sensei" who may actually be several people occupying a role (Shingen may have been an earlier Sensei).

First Appearance: ASH #79 (by team name, individual members may have appeared earlier).

Members in "color rank" order:

The Atavarangers do not have a "sixth ranger" that has been revealed. But each of them is easily more powerful than the sixth rangers seen in lesser bushikamen sentai teams.

Pentaranger 1 was the first leader of the Atavarangers, as the Red Salamander Senshi.

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