Baal Samin

Full Name: Baal Samin
Codename: None
Known Relatives: The Baalim (Canaanite gods)
Group Affiliation: The Baalim
First Appearance: ASH #15
Powers: A Pureblood mage, theoretically capable of anything imaginable. However, the Baalim have fared poorly in the wars of the gods (especially since early "modern Gods" hit them hard), and are fairly weak as Purebloods go. Baal Samin's "portfolio" is the "celestial places", also known as the spaces between spaces, the times between times, the realities between realities.
Notes: A sort of "janitor" for the multiverse, he's largely left alone by the other gods to clean up messes caused by accidental exercises of power, both by Purebloods and mortals (like George Sylvester). Unlike most Purebloods, he no longer seeks worshippers, but he has taken an interest in ASH (Fourth Age).

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