Group: Bakajin ("Idiot People")
AKA: Ohkajin ("Cherry Blossom People"), official name
First Appearance: ASH #99 (virtual copy)

During WWII, there were no fewer than three major efforts at creating artificial superhumans, and the Japanese program was the most ambitious. It resulted in the greatest variety and intensity of powers, but also the highest failure rate and the shortest lifespan even in successful cases. Officially codenamed Okhajin, or Cherry Blossom People (after the idea of being ephemeral but impressive), they were nicknamed Bakajin by the Allies.

When Netwalker helped a group of heroes invade the photonic network controlled by Goldmind, some of the more potent defensive systems manifested as virtual Bakajin. It is not known if any of the Bakajin met in this virtual reality were based on real examples, and very few real Bakajin lasted long enough to gain any notoriety.

Known virtual Bakajin include:

  • Hatamoto ("Under the Banners", a title given to samurai serving the Shogun) - Ability to control his own bodily processes, extreme durability. Armed with a katana, leader of the squad that attacked Task Force Taffy 3.
  • Daikyu ("Great Bow") - Energy blasts of extreme power, but requiring a warm-up period in which he can be interrupted. Hatamoto's squad.
  • Kintaro ("Golden Boy") - Yellow skin, plus a golden aura that gives him strength and invulnerability. Hatamoto's squad.
  • Akuma ("Devil") - Bestial warrior, armed with a katana. Hatamoto's squad.
  • O-Bakemono (a sort of shape-shifting demon) - Shapeshifter, armed with a katana. Hatamoto's squad.
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