Beth Willot

Full Name: Bethany Willot
Codename: Hellhound
Known Relatives: Jimmy Willot (brother)
Group Affiliations: NAC Marshals, Hellhound team (former)
First Appearance: Warden #2 (mention), Warden #3 (as a letter-writer), Warden #4 (on-screen)
Powers: Electromagnetic generation and control. Used heads-up display linked to hidden cameras to simulate Jessa Dumont's telepathic skills while acting as Hellhound. Able to sense the flow of electricity and magnetic fields.
Notes: Dated Tom Dodson for a while at the Academy (although most of the time it was more of a surrogate little brother thing to her), then became romantically involved with Warden altough he broke it off shortly before his disappearance. On the rebound briefly dated Nate Walker, and drifted back to Tom. Majored in psychology and has been training off and on as a profiler within the NAC Marshals while working the Jersey City beat. Her status as part of Hellhound has come to light, but is being officially ignored so long as she stays out of Manhattan and ceases to operate as Hellhound.

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