Cassandra Murphy

Full Name: Cassandra Murphy
Codename: None
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Academy, LNH 2020s
First Appearance: Academy #8 (unnamed), LNH 2023 #0 (real person mentioned, simulation on-screen), LNH 2024 #1 (Palladium)
Powers: Precognition. A "ghost" remained in the Academy's computers after the Template Killer killed her in 2016, and when Derek Radner's Palladium system finally reached completion in 2024 it integrated with this ghost and created an AI that could predict and model an alternate timeline in which Aaron Zander saved her from death.
Notes: The real Cassandra was romantically (but non-sexually) involved with Derek Radner. The Palladium interface that Derek designed was an attempt to improve her precognitive powers, but Cassandra rewrote it in an attempt to warn the future about the Template Killer. The simulated Cassandra formed a romantic attachment to Boomer, it's unknown if this relationship lasted past his graduation from the Academy and her vanishing into the Net. She managed to evade detection by other ACs, but revealed herself in early 2027 to help form a new version of the Legion of Net.Heroes.

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