Full Name: Castor Ierulli-Kiris
Codenames: Castor, Dioscuri, Aegis, Retiarius
Known Relatives: Pollux (brother), Spiro Kiris (father), Enzo Ierulli (biological father), Renata Kiris (mother), Tula Ierulli (biological mother)
Group Affiliations: EUROPA, the Vatican, El Dorado
First Appearance: STRAFE #2 (unnamed), STRAFE #3 (codename given)
Powers: Able to copy and amplify metahuman abilities. Initially thought he was just a telepath like Pollux, but was inadvertantly responsible for a string of deaths at Europe's version of the Academy that were similar to those caused by the Template Killer. While working for the Vatican he wore powered armor of alien manufacture, and as a hero of El Dorado wears power armor similar to Triton's.

Partial list of ASIE "burnout" victims:

  • Riita Koskinnen - electrical powers
  • Eduardo Ferreira - turn arms to acid
  • Aniela
  • Erszebet
  • Pavlos
  • Pwyll - turn into a living shadow
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