Full Name: Edouard
Codename: The Catman
Known Relatives: Isabel (wife), Vicente and Cristovo (sons, born 2011), Maria (daughter, born 2011), other sons and daughters: Tomaz (1999), Mauricio (2002), Luisa (2002), Rodrigo (2005), Teresa (2005), Ricardo (2005), Damio (2007), Osorio (2007), Janinha (2009), Enez (2009), Alberto (2009)
Group Affiliation: ASH (Third Age), Special Division (Israeli superhuman squad)
First Appearance: ASH #4 (shown but referred to as "furball"), Catman: Minor Arcana #1 (on-screen)
Powers: Feline-uplift humanoid with enhanced strength and agility.
Note: Comes from an alternate reality where Doctor Moreau existed and was a bit more successful. Led ASH for several years in the 1990s. Was a member of the Israeli Special Division for a few months in 1998 while on sabbatical from ASH with his bride Isabel.

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