Full Name: Olivier (last name unrevealed)
Codename: Chiaroscuro
Known Relatives: Petra Hollander (mother), Yvan Viau (father)
Group Affiliation: CSV 2052, Impossible Five
First Appearance: CSV #27 (unnamed), ASH #78 (named)
Powers: Control over light and darkness. Has exhibited numerous "unique" powers of members of the Light Brigade, such as copying Oblivion's disintegration attack.
Notes: Is not a photonic, but inherited many of their powers from his mother's side. He claims a mystic origin for his powers, but has not conclusively demonstrated a general talent as a mage (it has been hinted that attempting to use the powers inherited from his father has unpleasant side effects). Significant alterations have been made to the mainline version of the fetus that would become Chiaroscuro, and it's unlikely his "brother" will develop along similar lines.

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