Full Name: Trish Catrall (may be a pseudonym)
Codenames: Cockatrice, Burnout
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: Snow Leopards, Cyanide Blues, Basilisk Blacks (various paragangs)
First Appearance: CSV #3 (mention), Warden #7 (on-screen)
Powers: Originally able to turn anything she looked at to ice, although this power was removed by Peregryn in attempt to cure Sarah Grant-Taylor of being turned to ice. After being merged with Mr. Strings this changed to being able to turn anything she looked at to ash. It is likely that her true power is a quasi-elemental affinity, and ice was simply the first theme she attuned to.
Notes: Lover of Bathory. The Snow Leopards are an alliance of the Cyanide Blues and the remnants of the Oblivious. The Basilisk Blacks are a "road rager" splinter of the Snow Leopards. Currently trapped sharing a body with Mr. Strings, a state she'd like to reverse.

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