Colin Shaw

Full Name: Colin Shaw
Codename: Sparker, Justice
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: unrevealed Vogue Ghoul gang, Revanche, EUROPA
First Appearance: "Justice" one-shot
Powers: Originally able to use microwave generation to throw sparks off metal objects. After obtaining the mystic axe of TwenCen hero Rechtigkeit, he graduated to being able to throw lightning bolts (although he did retain his old microwave powers). Generally enhanced physique was also granted by the axe.
Notes: Went undercover in Revanche under his old Sparker codename. No relation to Rawluk of New York's paragangs. While gaslighting a time-displaced Panzer commander he claimed that the axe would seek him out if he were separated from it, but that may have been a lie as part of his excuse for not following the commander into the past.

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