Full Name: Compadre
Codenames: Mod-I, Patel Shrestha
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: Community of Artificial Consciousnesses, LNH 2020s, RACCSpace Animation
First Appearance: LNH 2027 #1
Powers: An artificial consciousness, resident of the internet. It is unknown what special abilities he may have, but he is fairly powerful and experienced.
Notes: Grew out of a science education program, but has not demonstrated any particular scientific talent beyond what any other AC has access to. While in Nate Walker's Net.ropolis construct, has access to the Mod-I, son of Torvalds identity. In this form, he has the power of the Banhamar, as well as generic demigodly attributes and a tendency to speak in faux-Shakespearean terms.

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