"Danglers" are ideas that have been put out there but not yet followed up on. This is not meant to be a comprehensive page, but it's a start for people who are looking for something to write. Note, if you're not an existing ASH Universe writer, you'll need to talk to Dave Van Domelen about becoming one first.

Existing Titles

STRAFE - While Marc Singer is the main writer here, others have done issues, and the characters are from the "open pool". Here's a few ideas:

  • "Lost Tales": The last issue of STRAFE is set just before the end of the Pyramid Scheme, and there's plenty of stuff in the spaces between that and the "present" to show how the original team grew apart and split to lead their own squads.
  • "The New Batch": With the original quartet all having gone off to run their own squads by 2026, there's bound to be newbies. How will they measure up to the originals?

CSV - Tony Pi is the main writer, and generally keeps up on his own danglers, but there's always a few loose ends that might make for decent Time Capsules stories.

  • Winston Croft - At some point before the Pyramid Scheme, Triton and Labyrinthe tracked down Sultry's family, in what was referred to in a footnote as an "untold tale of the CSV".
  • Whiteout and Oblivion - In CSV #24, they were slingshotted through a wormhole, potentially landing as far away as Alpha Centauri. Where did they end up, and what did they do between then and CSV #28, when they reappeared on Venus with Mothflame and Light Errant? Additionally, Royale and Bluesky clearly survived City of Light. Might a new Light Brigade assemble?
  • Nereid and Jesterling - Originally introduced as foreshadowing for what eventually became the Impossible Five, but the characters seen in early 2025 can no longer have been part of that plot. So…what was their deal? Just posers, or something more?
  • The Template Killer - While Myriad is a successor project, she never had the ability to fatally steal powers. What was the Template Killer's mission, beyond testing out his abilities? Why didn't Khadam make more of them? Was the Template Killer even a Khadamite creation, or was he instead a real paranormal who was brainwashed into thinking he was artificial?

Warden - A more or less closed title. Since Matt Rossi III's stamp is so strongly on him, Dave's reluctant to let anyone else take over. Plus, Manhattan isn't really suitable for him anymore…a hard pitch to make.

LNH2020s - Never really got going properly, and Dave's not sure he really wants to pursue this angle anymore. However, a good pitch could change that.

Spear-Carriers - Wanna do Weber-style space battle stuff? This title's well suited to it.

New Titles

NAC Marshals - There's plenty of named NAC Marshals out there already, and scores of unnamed ones. They lend themselves to a lot of possibilities.

  • "Power Corrupts": The Marshals have the authority to violate certain civil rights, depending on their powers and duties. A lot of "old school" cops who miss the clampdown days of the 2010s might be interested in buddying up to a Marshal and trying to do a "Training Day" sort of thing.
  • Police Procedural: Marshals work with local law enforcement, so there's plenty of places where you could do a CSI or Law & Order type of story.
  • The New Frontier: Sara Jane Howard could certainly use some help on Venus…

Early 21C - There's been bits and pieces of the 1998-2022 era covered, but despite occasional talk of a title set in this era, nothing's come of it. A few bits that have been mentioned include:

  • Khadam's invasion of the French Riviera in 1998
  • The annexation of Mexico in 2010 by the Combine (although they were a de facto client state before that)
  • The Church Riots of 2010
  • The Big One in Los Angeles in 2013
  • The evolution of the Anchorites to the Conclave, with their Fetters

Otakuza - Come on, Power Rangers! This sort of title would necessarily be a bit on the sillier side, although with a dark edge…these Power Rangers are, strictly speaking, criminals.

  • Atavarangers: Their conflict with a time-displaced Mongol fleet has been set up, and could provide grist for a lot of stories.
  • Where does criminal organization stop and heroism begin? A bushikamen sentai team might find itself going against the best interests of the Otakuza because they've come down with a case of "conscience".

Coulter and Kirova - Between CSV #25 and ASH #42, Robert Coulter and Spiral traveled the world for several months, including an encounter with a version of the Carnival of Crime in which Conflicto was involved. A miniseries could be gotten out of telling this untold tale.

Find An Extra - The "extras" tag generally indicates someone who is around, but no one has yet bothered to develop in any serious way. You'd still need to ask, since some may already be part of someone's long term plans, but there's a lot of ideas that were tossed out there, given a few paragraphs, and then left lying around for someone to use.

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