Derek Radner

Full Name: Derek Murdock Radner
Codename: Triton, Secutor, "The Great One", "The Wise One" (El Dorado only)
Known Relatives: Angeline Croft (wife), Xander Radner (son), Catherine Croft (daughter), unnamed father
Group Affiliations: CSV, Khadam, El Dorado
First Appearance: Academy #0 (mention), STRAFE #0 (on screen)
Powers: Electrical generation, gadgeteer. Wears power armor modified from that of a Third Age villain known as Strafe.
Note: Chancellor of Khadam, former leader of the CSV. He has a penchant for marine motifs, especially crabs, having built numerous robots of varying sizes along the crab body plan. Children first appeared in CSV #19. His father ran a pizzeria in Chicago until a stroke forced him to retire. His left ring finger was disintegrated by Oblivion during his bachelor's party, and capped by his wedding ring. It is unrevealed if he's had it replaced or has simply left it as a stump as a reminder to himself.

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