Devlin Marx

Full Name: Devlin Marx
Codename: Eye of Horus
Known Relatives: Marx 2.0 (failed clone)
Group Affiliations: Conclave, Hellhound (silent partner)
First Appearance: CSV #1/2
Powers: Extremely strong Anchor, able to shut down supernatural powers. Well-trained in various forms of modern and ancient combat, but age has slowed his reflexes. Used a hand crossbow during his younger days.
Notes: Highly placed in the old Conclave of Anchors before that organization was shattered by the CSV. Has been romantically involved with Tiara, although the revelation of her dual identity put a strain on the nascent relationship. Attempted to transfer his mind into a clone body in order to survive a fatal disease, but while the clone has all the information from his brain, it does not seem to have copied the personality.

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