Full Name: Dr01d-2
Codename: Lanista, Prototype
Known Relatives: Doctor Developer (creator), Derek Radner (upgrader), Experiment ("brother")
Group Affiliation: El Dorado, CSV
First Appearance: LL&DD #6 (as Prototype), CSV Annual #2 (as DR01D-2)
Powers: A normaltech android built in the Third Age, later enhanced without the use of supertech alien technology. Weak and slow by 21st Century standards, but unAnchorable.
Notes: "DR01D" originally meant "Derek Radner's 01 Design", but given that Derek didn't actually create this design, it is no longer an acronym. "Lanista" wasn't really a codename, it's simply the term for a gladiator's manager/trainer, and Derek Radner referred to the robot as Lanista during his brief time disguised as Secutor.

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