Full Name: Esmeralda Colina
Codename: Poniente
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: ASH
First Appearance: ASH #68 (mention), ASH #114 (on-screen)
Powers: Minor mage, with a talent for scribing mystic scrolls. She can cast precognitive augury spells, but they're pretty spotty. Once she gained the patronage of Eya, she gained an affinity for wind magic, but is still developing that talent.
Notes: Almost joined a paragang in Mexico City before an augury told her to seek the Green Knight, and he put her in touch with Arin Kelsey. Worked with Arin to make copies of the scroll of Lysistrata and distribute it around the world. Impersonated by Glyph and placed in a mystic trap, but she freed herself and decided that the fates had decided she was no longer going to be permitted the life of a hermetic scholar.

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