Full Name: Unrevealed
Codename: Espejismo ("Mirage")
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None, but probably the Academy
First Appearance: ASH #22
Powers: Able to create psionic illusions, latching onto the subject's fears.
Notes: Not named in his one appearance, his codename is a convenience for indexing. A 13 year old boy, he was likely enrolled in the Academy.

In his appearance in ASH #22, he made Sal Napier see the following people in a panicked crowd. All of them are ex-girlfriends or other romantic interests of Sal's. Fortunately for the crowd, Sal's main fears at the time related to his love life and not something he would have been inclined to try to kill.

  • Celia Vickers - Sal's first girlfriend
  • Mary Vargas - Sal's first sexual partner, trying to manipulate him into beating up an ex-boyfriend of hers.
  • Xiaoduan - Last name not given, Sal's first intentional "unobtainable" woman.
  • Kathy - Last name not given, also "unobtainable".
  • Arin Kelsey
  • Arturo Cacique
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