This is primarily a character wiki. Characters should be entered in the following format:

Full Name:
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliations:
First Appearance:

Full Name: Unless the character is mainly known by their codename (i.e. Peregryn), the full name should match the page name. Sometimes a character is mainly known by a diminuative (i.e. Jo Ridley) and the Full Name will expand that out (i.e. Josephine).

Codename: Or nickname. May have multiple entries. You should make a short entry for the codename (i.e. see Triton) linking back to the main entry, unless the codename is the main entry. Note that some codename pages will link to multiple people if it's a legacy (like Solar Max).

Known Relatives: Name followed by relationship in parentheses. Should have character links if they have any screen time.

Group Affiliations: These won't be linked at this point. Just a list of teams or organizations the character is affiliated with. Most groups should also be tags.

First Appearance: This can be tricky with older characters, and check copyright dates to try to get the earliest written story. If the character is only mentioned, follow the issue by (mention) and list their first actual appearance followed by (on-screen). If they appear the first time they're mentioned, no note is needed.

Powers: Just a brief description. If unpowered, note that and list any special skills or training.

Notes: Not a necessary entry. This can be used to include romantic relationship links, explanations of multiple codenames, etc.

Tags: Refer to the tag cloud on the left side of the page for any you might use. Try to not make up new tags unless you're entering several characters in one session that will have that tag. If you think some existing entries need a tag to express something they have in common, go ahead and add it. See also Tags Explained.

Note, "fourthage" should not be used as a tag. The Fourth Heroic Age is the default for this wiki. Just use firstage, secondage and thirdage to refer to characters who were active in earlier eras, and future for those who come from a possible future.

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