Galactic Warrior Corps

An interstellar law enforcement organization in the Santari-dominated Planetary Confederation. Most of the time, they act in a role similar to that of the 19th Century U.S. Marshals, but they have an additional duty on top of that: policing "dangerous technology". They try to prevent the development of any technology that can cause destruction on a planetary scale, and they seize any that they do find, keeping it safe and hidden against future need…sometimes it takes a planetkiller weapon to destroy another planetkiller. Depot 8-Crimson-B was a storehouse of such weapons until its destruction.

All members of the Corps have access to compact hyperdrive-equipped ships, armored uniforms that can be sealed against vacuum, "Tsaran blasters" (charged particle guns that can be fitted with crystals that turn the energy into Cerenkov radiation beams) and various other tools and weapons. When the mission calls for it, they also have access to advanced Santari powered armor (similar to that used by the Helvetican Guard).

Additionally, Corpsmen are often chosen for special powers, especially those found in Scytharians or mutant Deltans. Cyborgs in the Corps are property of the GWC as a whole, and are generally treated better than cyborgs in Planetary Confederation society as a whole.

They have three ranks, with associated color schemes (translations to English approximate):

  • Patrolman - Red and white, sometimes pink
  • Lieutenant - Blue and light blue
  • Warrior - Yellow and brown

Known members:

Known planetkiller weapons:

  • Coronal Ejection Driver - Used as part of an attempt to stop Lorenzo Archangeli from attaining godhood. Causes what amounts to a solar flare strong enough to scour life from a planet's surface.
  • Hyperspatial Inversion Device - aka "Hyperbomb". Swaps realspace and hyperspace with vastly destructive results.
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