Full Name: Unrevealed
Codename: Base of the Pillar, Geode
Known Relatives: Unnamed parents
Group Affiliation: Righteous Flame, ASH
First Appearance: ASH #47
Powers: Originally a humanoid pile of stone, very strong and tough, but slow. Later, with the secret help of TerraStar, she became a crystalline woman with just as much strength and durability, but more grace and speed. TerraStar has since suggested that Geode should be able to exert greater control over the form her body takes.
Notes: Pretends to be an Egyptian-American to protect her Iraqi family from reprisal. Paranormals are killed on a regular basis in Iraq, and when her powers manifested, her parents claimed she had run off and presented her as a stone brought to life by Allah. Romantically involved with George Sylvester.

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