Full Name: Cecelia Mendez
Codenames: Ghostclaw, Red Widow
Known Relatives: Unnamed grandmother is presumably still alive
Group Affiliations: Basilisk Blacks (road rager paragang), Freedom Alliance
First Appearance: Capstone #1 (as Ghostclaw), ASH #94 (as Red Widow).
Powers: Able to generate ectoplasmic tendrils that can become nearly two-dimensionally sharp, similar to Nomad's powers. Also carries a switchblade, perhaps for sentimental reasons. As Red Widow, she wears a protective suit and is under orders to keep her tendrils blunt against living targets.
Notes: Once tried to kill Robert Coulter. Was handcuffed to Cal Stamp when that Anchor policeman died of the Anchor Plague. Paroled into the care of Samuel Walters, she has joined the new Freedom Alliance.

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