Full Name: Macy Graves
Codename: Gimble, Kim Bell (pseudonym)
Known Relatives: Innocenza Graves/Cindy Bell (daughter), Hooks (common-law husband), Billy Patterson (foster brother), Petey (brother), Steven (father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased),various foster families (Pattersons, Ortegas, Jacksons and Prescotts have been mentioned)
Group Affiliations: None
First Appearance: Warden #10
Powers: A humanoid scarab beetle and gadgeteer, able to create supertech-like devices that can be used by normals or even Anchors.
Note: Her daughter is an Anchor of the Archangeli lineage. While Innocenza is present, Gimble loses her powers but becomes human in appearance. After being forced to confront a childhood tragedy, she may have gained the ability to resume human form without the aid of an Anchor.

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