Full Name: Gerard Custer
Codename: Goldmind
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Light Brigade
First Appearance: ASH #37
Powers: As a pure organic, his thought processes worked several times faster than a normal human's. Thanks to Doublecross, his brain was converted to photonic matter, giving him vastly increased intelligence and processing speed, plus the ability to interface directly with computers. He could also emit yellow eyebeams. Later became a disembodied brain in a crystal shell, it is unknown if he could emit energy in that form, but he was able to act as a central processor for a rather large number of photonic constructs.
Notes: His body died as a result of combat with ASH in orbit, but his brain was recovered by Chiaroscuro and delivered to Petra Hollander, who inducted him into the third iteration of the Light Brigade. He can survive outside of his crystal shell, but has trouble holding himself together when in a medium such as air or water without the shell. Killed or rendered brain-dead (which is much the same thing for him) in ASH #100.

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