Full Name: Heraclius
Codename: None
Known Relatives: Leviathan (mother), Infernion (brother), Bronzewing (sister)
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: ASH #66 (unnamed), ASH #67 (named)
Powers: Mountain-sized basalt and granite beetle. Capable of slow, ponderous flight. Can emit a sonic beam from his horn, and summon mist and fog to conceal himself. Bits broken off him by attack or at his command turn into meter-tall stone beetles.
Notes: Generally affable, but harbors a severe dislike of Leviathan and Bronzewing. Rather chatty, but his speech is slowed down by a factor of about a hundred or so, making conversation with mortals nearly impossible. Felt a hole in his spirit, and plugged it by merging with the disembodied spirit of TerraStar, and later the spirit of the robotic wolf Louie. Despite these merger, his speech is still too slow for humans to follow without artificial help, but his partner can create an avatar that is better able to communicate with mortals.

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