Jedediah Zebulon Smith

Full Name: Jedediah Zebulon Smith
AKA: Ol' Jed
Known Relatives: Unnamed grand-nephew (dead)
Group Affiliations: None
First Appearance: ASH #119
Powers: Originally had superhuman strength and durability along with a semi-divine connection to elemental Earth. Most of his powers were lost, and his current status is uncertain.
Notes: In his 80s, a retired farmer from rural New England in another reality. An accident with a drug lab his grand-nephew set up in the barn (that involved an illegal supersoldier-serum-derived drug) turned him into a hulking troll. His earth powers and Sharon Venturi's air powers were crucial to opening the mystic gate that let several hundred refugees escape his doomed multiverse. His farm was one of the few safe places on the Eastern Seaboard in the final days of the world.

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