Josh Cole

Full Name: Joshua Jeremiah Cole
Codename: Gauntlet
Known Relatives: unnamed father, Arin Kelsey (fiancee, and he considered her his wife for a time), Chris Kelsey (son)
Group Affiliation: Freedom Alliance
First Appearance: ASH #16 (as Cole), ASH #94 (as Gauntlet)
Powers: Electrical generation and projection, as well as a sort of "thunder" power. Can also "puppetmaster" a person via electrical impulses, but is not consciously aware of this power, and it may only work on people who are psychologically vulnerable or otherwise incapable of resisting. As Gauntlet, he wears armor that siphons off his excess power to use in various ways. This gives him greater tactical flexibility while also preventing his powers from damaging his brain. The armor can project lasers and absorb electrical energy from outside sources. If modeled closely on the First Age suit, it can probably emit a full range of electromagnetic effects.
Notes: A Fenris Wolf whose Fetter (his roommate Harry, who had also been Fettering Arin Kelsey) was killed by the Ankh Killer. His own powers seem to have led to mental instability, but it's possible he wasn't all that sane even when Fettered. As part of the Freedom Alliance he is paroled into the care of Samuel Walters and has theoretically regained his sanity. He claims to have few memories of the time he spent as a fugitive.

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