Katri Villella

Full Name: Katri Villella
Codename: Mistletoe, Photosynth
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: CSV, Light Brigade
First Appearance: CSV #8
Powers: As Mistletoe, able to generate plants that drained energy from those they entangled. As Photosynth she became a photonic with her original ability added to the standard set. As the life spirit of Venus, her power allowed plants to continue growing during the long nights. After her alliance with the Leviathan she has gained several mystic powers, including the ability to control sea serpents and create water spouts. She can also presumably survive underwater.
Notes: Initially a soft-hearted environmentalist verging on ecoterrorist. Became much more bloodthirsty under Doublecross's control, hating her "meat body" and longing for the purity of light. Forced back into corporeal form, she has embraced the Leviathan and is slowly transforming into a reptilian humanoid. She refuses to answer to her old names, but has not yet supplied a new title for others to use…perhaps not thinking that soon-to-be-dead people need to know.

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