Full Name: Unknown
Codename: Leviathan, Jormungandr, Typhon (her essence was split into multiple myths as part of her humbling).
Known Relatives: Q'Nos (son), Heraclius (son), Infernion (son), Bronzewing (daughter), Scale Warriors (spawn), various sea serpents (daughters)
Group Affiliations: None
First Appearance: ASH #49 (mention), ASH #50 (on-screen)
Powers: A "demigod", one of the Purebloods who lost their godly status in their wars. She is still immensely powerful, but her threat is more physical than mystical. At her first appearance she girdled the entire world, and her scales became warriors. After being banished to Venus, she lost most of her size and power, but most of the native animal life on the planet shares a connection to her. Her breath is venomous at any size.
Notes: Has selected Katri Villella as her "priestess" on Venus.

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