LNH 2020s

The Legion of Net.Heroes is a fictional group within the ASH universe, parallelling the real life version, but with somewhat different writers. For instance, Tom Dodson wrote the stories that in real life were credited to Dave Van Domelen…at least, up through 1994.

In 2023, Nate Walker, Mike "Boomer" Hodgson, A.J. Jackson and Tawny Adams formed a new Legion of Net.Heroes, the LNH 2023 (later 2024) using Nate Walker's powers to "enter" the internet. The team broke up at some point in 2024, but not before rescuing the electronic ghost of Cassandra Murphy.

The 2027 incarnation is led by Nate Walker as The Marshal, and the other members are all Artificial Consciousnesses: ADA-7, Compadre and XAC-2. It was brought together by Cassandra Murphy, but she is not actually a member.

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