Full Name: Lupine Unit 62 (LU-62, formerly LU-60 and LU-61)
Codename: None
Known Relatives: Unrevealed builder
Group Affiliations: ASH (Third Age), MASH (Manhattan franchise of ASH), "chaffers"
First Appearance: "Click" one-shot (possibly mentioned prior to that), ASH #112 (first Fourth Age appearance)
Powers: A robotic wolf, version LU-61 and LU-62 also had "Probability Capacitors" that functioned like an artificial Magene and let his systems operate beyond the bounds of normal technology. Specific abilities varied as a result of upgrades and rebuilds, but always included claws, high speed movement, armor and an advanced sensor suite. Most versions included some sort of beam weapon as well. As a spirit attached to Heraclius, he can presumably spawn a rock avatar.
Notes: He had largely retired from active superheroics by the mid-90s and focused on "chaffing," engaging in disinformation campaigns aimed at helping superheroes with secret IDs keep them secret. He surrendered his Probability Capacitors to Tymythy Twystyd in order to be able to stay behind after the erection of the Barrier, but gave his life shortly afterward while rescuing Jane Preston. In the wake of Lady Sable's attempt to usurp the body of TerraStar, Louie's spirit merged with that of the kaiju Heraclius, taking Polla's place.

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