Manson Haight

Full Name: Manson Haight
Codename: None
Known Relatives: Clone-selves
Group Affiliation: Fifth Avenue Snakeaters, Pod Squad (paragangs)
First Appearance: Warden #12
Powers: Can create a duplicate of himself once a day. Telepathic or at least empathic link among the clones (if you kill one, they all know). Originally there was an obvious primary Manson and the rest were slaves, but he eventually became more of a hivemind after the primary was killed.
Notes: A Road-Rager, after the Snakeaters were largely killed (and brought back as zombies) he formed his own gang composed mainly of himself. Selves. Whatever. At some point, he stopped naming the clones and started numbering them, and numbers get reused when the original bearer dies.

Partial list of named clones:

  • Hekyll
  • Jekyll
  • Hyde
  • 15
  • 21
  • 24 (at least two carried this number…seems to be an unlucky number for 'em)
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