Maria Incarnata

Full Name: Maria Isabella Infanta Incarnata (original name unrevealed)
Codename: None
Known Relatives: Rex Umbrae (husband), Sister Christian (code-sister)
Group Affiliation: Cybernostra
First Appearance: ASH #73
Powers: Cyborg with most of her body replaced by technology bought from the Scytharians. Superhuman physical attributes and a variety of swappable weapon and armor systems.
Notes: Second in command in the Cybernostra power structure. A "code-sister" is like a "blood brother", not a genetic connection. However, it is a very deep and trusting relationship.

Maria's circle of friends:

  • Monica - Hangman bodyguard as well
  • PJ and Audrey - Cybernostra ladies with a large number of non-symmetric implants designed to mirror each other.
  • Cam - Less augmented than PJ and Audrey, but with a spider theme. Cybernostra.
  • Eve - An anime-themed implant scheme. Cybernostra
  • Juliana Silvestri - Like it or not.
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