Full Name: Unrevealed
Codename: Matrioshka
Known Relatives: Cronyx (creation), Rasputin (father)
Group Affiliation: CSV 2052, Impossible Five
First Appearance: CSV #27 (unnamed), ASH #78 (named)
Powers: An inventive genius who created a nanotech sheath suit that grants her flight, invulnerability, enhanced strength, Cherenkov radiation blasts and other powers. She can "shed" shell-like copies of the suit to act as remote-controlled minions. Even the shells are very hard to damage. She has also created teleportation technology and the artificial intelligence Cronyx.
Notes: Never speaks herself, rather speaking through the intermediary of a Cronyx daemon. Her father sired many children through artificial insemination of volunteers, so Matrioshka probably doesn't share Rasputin's family name. It is unknown whether she has been born yet as of 2026, but due to her father's means of spreading his legacy, it's possible she has not yet been conceived but will be at some point in the near future.

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