Monsieur Cryptozoologique

Full Name: Zoel Quenneville
Codename: Monsieur Cryptozoologique
Known Relatives: Unnamed fiancee
Group Affiliations: Carnival of Crime/Cirque du Marche-Dieu (leader)
First Appearance: CSV Annual #3
Powers: Able to create magene-spliced hybrid animals, control their actions and telepathically link to them. It is unknown whether he can make his voice heard through any of his creations, or only those modified to have appropriate vocal apparatus. Known creations include monkeys made from sand, a two-headed fire-breathing camel, elastiboas, invisible tigers, a thermonuclear eagle, metal mastodons, gigantic three-eyed crocodilians, and a skunk capable of analyzing the weaknesses of nearby entities and emitting gas tailored to incapacitate them.
Notes: Presumed dead from a 70m fall into the St. Lawrence Seaway, but may have had a contingency plan. It has not been established how he took leadership of the Carnival of Crime away from Chimere, and it's entirely possible he was merely the public leader of the cover organization and never the true leader.

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