Motorcycles figure strongly into paragang culture, among other places. The following manufacturers and models have been named (first appearances in parentheses). Note, except for the Magnum Motors brands and some one-offs, all of these cycles (and the companies) are tuckerizations of various rec.arts.comics.creative authors.

Ihimaera (or Ihi for short) - A New Zealand company. The darling of road ragers.

  • Arsenal - Designed with hardpoints for the addition of weaponry, although stock models are unarmed. Driven by the Wheels of Pain road rager gang. (Warden #14)
  • Badger - Favored by the Basilisk Blacks and King Cheetahs. (Warden #13)
  • Reaper - Favored by the Fifth Avenue Zombie Snakeaters and the New York Macoute. (Warden #13)
  • Scavenger - Favored by the Cybernostra and their affiliated road ragers. Usually customized into unrecognizability as "Chimaeras". (Warden #13)
  • Spectre - Favored by the Ghost Generals road ragers. Characterized as "silent and deadly". (Warden #14)
  • Stirges - A cheaper model, used mainly by the lesser Satan's Eyes road rager gang. (Warden #14)
  • Tick - Favored by the Pod Squad of Manson Haight. (Warden #13)
  • Uplink - One is ridden by Burnout, unknown if any road ranger gang uses it. (CSV #21)
  • Utilitarian - A carbon-fibre frame and aluminum block engine minimize magnetic susceptibility, making this a favorite of the gadget-happy Jolly Molecules. (ASH #89)

Haiku - A recent Japanese competitor to Ihi, also making inroads into the road rager market.

  • TR06 - Based around a jet turbine and capable of incredible straight line speeds, but not so good at cornering. (ASH #71)

Magnum Motors - Based in Detroit, a TwenCen company that bankrupted in 1998 but was later revived. Tends to go with government contracts and the offroad market, avoiding the road ragers entirely.

  • Hoplite - An off-road machine, based on a design originally created for a Third Age superhero team. ASH owns several of these. (ASH #23)
  • Spartan - The 2026 Spartan is Magnum's first street bike offering, with a Sbarro-style hubless wheel design and relatively silent fuel cell generators. They're easily modified to become nearly silent, as most of their operating noise is intentionally added to let pedestrians hear them coming. Hellhound has used one such "silenced" mod. (ASH #89)

One-Offs - Custom creations not generally available for sale.

  • Conflicycle - Built for Eugene Kwan by Derek Radner, it can turn into a suit of power armor (like a Motoslave from Bubblegum Crisis). It's unknown what it does, though…the first time it appeared it was disassembled by Lightfoot, the second time it was actually a trap and became a prison for its user. It has not been seen since. (CSV #15)
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