NAC Marshals

The North American Combine Marshal Service. Originally a successor to the U.S. Marshals, but retooled in 2024 to take advantage of paranormal graduates of the Academy who were suited for law-enforcement but for whatever reason wouldn't fit into the ASH or STRAFE teams. Typically a major city will have one to three Marshals assigned to it, and some Marshals cover an entire Sector if the population density is low enough. Rheinlander, Wisconsin Sector, has two full-time Marshals due to its proximity to the Academy. As of mid-2026, Director Kevin Farmer is in overall command of the program.

Regardless of powers, all Marshals have several items of standard gear:

  • Armored bodysuit with optional helmet. With the helmet on, the suit has sealed breathing and allows limited activity in a vacuum.
  • Taser baton, usable as a simple bludgeoning weapon or as an electrical stunner.
  • Sidearm, with 9mm caseless ammunition on the main barrel and a flechette gun on a secondary barrel. The flechettes are designed to not penetrate hard structures.
  • Communications gear, both coded radio and neutrino transmission.

Note, codenames are not standard for Marshals, and often a codename is really just their nickname from the Academy. Noire is one of the few officially-assigned codenames, picked in an attempt to endear her to the francophones of her assigned sector.

Some named Marshals:

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