Nate Walker

Full Name: Nathan Walker
Codenames: Netwalker, The Marshal, many others online
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: Academy, LNH 2020s, NAC Marshals
First Appearance: Academy #7
Powers: Able to create pocket realities that resonate with the internet, and symbolically affect the net. He is later able to bring others into these realities with him, and grant simulated powers to himself and his companions. Later he has the standard NAC Marshals training and equipment, and specializes in investigation of cybercrime.
Note: Often works with ASH, but not strictly speaking a member. By spring 2026 he may or may not have graduated from the Academy, it's possible he did independent study to graduate early. No known romantic ties, but was warned off a disastrous blind date with a woman named Melinda by Tawny Adams once, so he presumably at least tries. When he saved ADA from the confines of her difference engine, he got in trouble with his superiors in the Marshals program, and only his uniquely useful powers have kept him from being discharged.

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