Niu Jijiang

Full Name: Premier Niu Jijiang
Codename: "Ox who will pull our nation forward" (epithet)
Known Relatives: None (refers to Western Dragon and Arturo Liebre as sister and brother, but they are not related)
Group Affiliation: The Jade Court, People's Republic of China
First Appearance: ASH #58 (mention), ASH #59 (on-screen)
Powers: An Ox spirit, immensely strong and able to use magic and assume a human form. A mystically created being, he has no magene and did not vanish in 1998, but his powers can be Anchored (which will freeze him in his current form rather than force a reversion to animal form).
Notes: Taoist spirits are as strong as high-end supernatural humans. Premier Niu has guided China into a more traditionalist path than even Premier Xu advocated. Mao Zedong is worshipped in the state Neo-Confucianist religion as a venerated ancestor. Given Niu's origins, this is more than a little ironic. Also, "Niu" means "ox" in Chinese.

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