Full Name: Tilman Schloss
Codename: Oblivion
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: CSV, Light Brigade
First Appearance: CSV #8
Powers: Disintegration of inorganic matter, pain to living things. Later an ultraviolet photonic who simulated that power via a web of narrow laser beams.
Notes: It was thought that he had failed to make the transition to photonic lifeform when Doublecross "recruited" his fellow failed CSV members, but he resurfaced as a photonic in the company of Whiteout, then was spat through a wormhole. Later resurfaced on Venus as part of the third iteration of the Brigade. He seems to have no real mind of his own, and looks to Whiteout like a pet to its master. Died again in ASH #100, seemingly for good.

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