Paradox Warriors Pentarangers are a "sentai" team similar to Hyper Senshi Team Atavarangers, and are led by a former leader of that team. However, they are not affiliated with the Otakuza, and at least one of them was thrown out of that organization in disgrace. Much of their technology was supplied by Matrioshka when they were hired by Chiaroscuro to retrieve the sorceror Akuryu as their first job as an Impossible Five franchise.

The Pentarangers have numbers and colors, but aside from Pentaranger 1 being red, the other four colors (blue, yellow, pink and black) have not been matched up with numbers.

Pentaranger 3 has a natural teleportation skill that manifests as a rainbow beam. He has to know where he is in order to safely teleport himself and others to a place outside of line of sight. Chiaroscuro has been shown to be able to take control of this beam and guide it to a location of his choosing.

First Appearance: ASH #95

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