Prince Maxim

Full Name: Prince Maxim Ranier Charles Etienne Montesquieu de Grimaldi
Codename: None
Known Relatives: Tiara (Ursula, daughter), Prince Ranier III (father), Princess Grace (mother), Albert (older brother), Caroline (older sister), Stephanie (younger sister), Renata (wife, deceased, nee Renata Cassar Delia).
Group Affiliations: Monaco
First Appearance: CSV #8 (mention, unnamed), CSV #18 (on-screen)
Powers: None.
Notes: In the ASH Universe, events unfolded somewhat differently than in the real world. In 1962, Prince Ranier III and Princess Grace had a second son, Maxim. Albert and Ranier were both casualties of mass vanishings of 1998, leaving Maxim the throne and putting his young daughter into the limelight.

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