Full Name: Q'Nos
Codename: The Minotaur
Known Relatives: Leviathan (mother)
Group Affiliations: Kingdom of Q'Nos
First Appearance: ASH #42 (mention), ASH #43 (on-screen), ASH #44 (named)
Powers: A "demigod", a Pureblood who lost his worshippers and most of his power in struggles with fellow Purebloods. Initially possessed of impressive mystical powers despite his diminished status, he lost much of that ability during his war against the Moslem Confederation. He is still incredibly strong and durable, and an expert in the use of his signature double-bladed axe.
Notes: As his codename would suggest, he is not only a minotaur, but the archetypal Minotaur. Trapped in a gravity warp created by Dr. Van Domelen late in the Third Age, released by JakZak Taylor.

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