Raging Mad Mountain Gorillas

A troupe of cybernetically enhanced and nanotechnologically uplifted gorillas, used by Khadam as jungle troopers. They found their true niche on Venus.

First Appearance: ASH #62

  • Faye - One of two females in the troupe, tries to look sexy by human standards and ends up just scary. Thinks she's a counterintelligence asset, but doesn't pull it off.
  • Flinger - Team grenadier, has a rather low sense of humor.
  • Gogo - Scout, with enhanced running speed and a generally amped up personality.
  • Grilla - Flamethrower expert, has "super brachiation" systems that let him move through trees at high speed.
  • Mighty Joe Jung - Intel expert.
  • Rae - The troupe's other female, not so as you'd know if you weren't a gorilla. Very butch. Close combat expert.
  • Sarge Simian - Squad leader.
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